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Brazilian songwriter Ellen Oléria is celebrating 16 years of career and amazing awards at music festivals as well as the albuns released by now. In her lasted tour, she has performed in cities in from north to South Brazil and also fou audiences in Spain, France, Angola, The United States, England, Russia, Japan and Taiwan. In her Afrofuturist show, the artist masterfully Brazilian rhythms such as samba, forró, carimbó, afoxé, maracatu with contemporary tones and arrangements that lead toa n urban music of identities. From street poetry, hip-hop language to the band jazzy, the acoustic sitting presents modern and ancestral features that freshens up Brazilian Popular Music (MPB). Ellen Oléria’s repertoire dazzles public both with her own compositions and the works from other musicians such Milton Nascimento, Vinicius de Moraes, Jorge Ben Jor, waking up places of memories and the sense of belonging.